Avatar Legacy

Kadrins "apprentice"

Constructs are fought and a magical gate is found

Acting on a tip from Gully, the party’s new avian patron, the adventurers headed into the ruins of Galeport on the north side of the river. After a short fight with fire beetles the party discovered the ruins of a shopped that was reputedly owned by an apprentice of the wizard Kadrin.

Upon entering the surprisingly intact building the party was set upon by small magical constructs. After defeating these mechanical foes the party then had fend off a slime monster than had made its way into the back of the shop by dissolving a hole through a wall with its acidic secretions. All foes in the building finally defeated the party discovered the shop had sold mostly gewgaws and fakery. They found several books on how to engage in the kind of flimflamery that had taken place at the shop, as well as a book on the actual creation of magic items before stumbling across a more interesting find in one of the back rooms.

The large stone circle carved in runes that they discovered turned out to be a (relatively) portable portal. Not knowing where the portal would lead, the party decided to secure the shop as best they could and return to investigate where the portal might lead when they were better prepared.



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