Avatar Legacy


The party meets a possible patron

After returning to Fishton from the lodge of the Ivory Consortium, the party discovered a mysterious note left for them, asking to meet them on an uninhabited rock of an island just off the coast. Braised in Fishtonian nastiness and violence from birth, Mace decided that the only reason you would ask someone out to an uninhabited island was so you could murder and rob them. Growing up with a completely different kind of nastiness and violence from birth, Fenrir agreed with Mace but decided they should go out to the island because anyone who planned on robbing him probably had some nice gear and, after the party killed them, they could take that gear for themselves.

The latent greed of the party overcoming its paranoia, they decided to head out to the barren rock of an island and see what the mysterious note-writer wanted with them. Approaching the island, the party noted that it appeared to be a nesting site for the sea-gulls that fed off the bounteous supply of leftover fish-parts that not even the Fishton fishing industry would use.

Upon exiting the boat that Mace had “borrowed” for them, the party was surprised to not be ambushed. Instead they were greeted by a telepathic sea-gull with a gem imbedded in its forehead. It informed the party that it was Gully, the legendary mascot of Galeport that had been treated as a hero for guiding ships safely into port.

Apparently Gully is not only telepathic but immortal (or very long-lived) and able to see through the eyes of and control all of the sea-gulls in the area. It informed us that it wished to see Galeport prosper again and that it wished to aid us in making this happen. Being acquainted, first hand, with the exploits of the founding heroes of the Galeport region, Gully informed the party that part of the reason for the prosperity of the region under these scions was their use of powerful artifacts. One example was an artifact that was used to dredge the mouth of the Winding River, which allowed larger ships to sail to Galeport’s docks as opposed to anchoring off-shore and sending smaller boats to pick up supplies like they must currently.

Gully informed the party that he knew of shops owned by the infamous wizard Kadrin and that they might be able to find clues about some of these artifacts in these shops. Armed with the general location of one of these shops in the ruins of old Galeport, the party set off from Gully-island, looking for any clues that would guide them to the artifacts that once turned Galeport into a boom-town.



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