Avatar Legacy

The Sniper Gets His Due

The Stormport Bullys are neutralized

Jauqe “Bloodtongue” sighed as he stared out from his lookout point. “What was the point?” he thought bitterly. Back in the hideout they would enjoying the rites of Asmodeous and here he was staring at the unmoving rubble of Galeport. Scratching absently he stood up to stretch, never even seeing the missile of pure force streaking from Katyrn’s outstretched hand towards him.

Moving quickly the party assaulted the bandit hideout, pouring through the front door and up a flight of stairs. Fighting through the bandits as the hideout leaned drunkenly over the river, threatening to come apart and fall into the water, the party put the bandit leader, as well as the pesky halfling sniper they had encountered previously, to the sword.

The party then discovered that the bandits had been kidnapping locals and visitors alike as well as worshipping Asmodeous. Those that survived the kidnapping attempt were sold to slavers and those that did not were sold to a mysterious personage described only as “N” in the bandit’s ledgers. The book that the Ivory Consortium had sent the party to retrieve was also recovered but the messenger was nowhere to be seen (although the saltwater drowning pool in the middle of the hideout may have contained him).



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