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The Welcome Wagon

Journal of Gregor ClnGedden, warpriest of Clangeddin Silverbeard.

Dear Mother & Father,
I have landed in what the records described as the bustling sea-side city of Galeport. I fear time and the spellplague have not been kind to this community. The river that once served as the port for this town was clogged with sand and my traveling companions Fernir & Aldus Dakon and I were forced to hire a small fishing boat to take us to the remains of what was once Galeport’s docks.

The fisherman was a surly fellow named Jhuka and insisted that I call Galeport “Fishton”. When I asked him why, he took what appeared to be great pleasure in explaining to me that before the “fancy-folk” settled on the north side of the river and started calling themselves “Galeport” the village was called Fishton and when the fancy folk fled or got “What was commin’ to ‘em”, it became Fishton again.

Indeed, the north side of the river seemed to be wholly abandoned, with what must have once been impressive warehouses leaning drunkenly towards the river and dilapidated shells of what appeared to have been homes and businesses running up into the hills. Despite the fact that the southern side of the river is still occupied, it did not look much better than the north and the smell…

Other than his apparent glee at the fall of Galeport, Jhuka did not have much else to say to us and immediately shoved off after depositing us on the rotted remains of Fishton’s docks leaving us with in a cloud of curses for stupid filthy outsiders.

As we strode carefully across the docks we were set upon by ruffians that described themselves as the Fishton welcoming committee. They demanded a toll to leave the docks. Fenrir offered them three feet of sharpened steel as payment and this seemed to cow the wretches.

Alas, their state of good sense did not last long and we were forced to dispatch them when the set upon us. One nasty Halfling with some skill at slinging escaped, however.

After dealing with these fellows, we secured lodgings at a run-down establishment called “Balls”. The Inkeep introduced himself as Burkin Belkin and explained to us that our assailants were part of one of the gangs of criminals that roam the ruins on the other side of the river. After visiting the town mayor Oswold Veritas and determining that he had little knowledge of what was actually going on in his own town and even less to offer on how to solve the problem, we decided to visit the Thunder Brewery.

The Brewers were reputed to be giant men and descendants of the family of Duke Grungir Ironfist, the founder of Galeport and the leader of the band of heroes that once settled this once again wild region of the Sword Coast. This would make them relatives of Fenrir, as he is descended from cousins of the Duke.
After fighting our way through more thugs on the north side of the river, led to us by that accursed Halfling sling-sniper, we found the brewery. Judging by their massive height, they did indeed seem to be relatives of Fenrir. They decided this was the case as well and took us in as guests, plying us with surprisingly good ale… for human-crafted stuff.

We awoke early the next afternoon and after finding that the brewers had their hands full with brewing and no real interest helping us clear out the gangs infesting Galeport we began to think of what our next step should be. This decision was made for us as one of the filthy “dogs” the gang members used had apparently given me some sort of disease. The brewers suggested we visit the wizard of the Ivory Consortium, as there were no temples nearby and they were probably the only people with the kind of knowledge of magical skill in the area to remove my affliction.
So it is with hopefully heart and swollen joints we head to visit this mysterious order of wizards who are purported to be descendants of the Red Wizards of Thay.

I hope this missive finds you in better health than mine.

Your son,

Rumble in the Rubble

War Journal of Fernir, Storm Warden:

Day 2:
What Grungir built on the mainland is almost as completely in shambles as Ironhand Keep. The undead scourge and spellplague were every bit as thorough in their destruction of his domain as the Cyclops and their twisted masters were with Ironhand Keep. The difference being the undead are now gone.
We met with the remnants of the Red Wizard enclave that once stood outside of Galeport. Over the years their group had been transformed from rapacious proffiteers to clositered artifact hunters. The head of the group Valish Aston agreed to cure Gregor of the disease he caught from one of the ruin-dweller’s rat-dogs in exchange for recovering a book that had been stolen from them when their courier was kidnapped by a gang in the ruins.
Suspecting that the gang that had been repeated clashing with us were the same that were responsible for the abduction (as well as a rash of other abductions that had been occurring lately) we went to the sight of our last battle and I attempted to track them back to their lair.
After several hours of searching and a rough fight with a full pack of those filthy rat-dogs we tracked our attackers back to a dilapidated warehouse that leaned into the north side of the river.

The Sniper Gets His Due
The Stormport Bullys are neutralized

Jauqe “Bloodtongue” sighed as he stared out from his lookout point. “What was the point?” he thought bitterly. Back in the hideout they would enjoying the rites of Asmodeous and here he was staring at the unmoving rubble of Galeport. Scratching absently he stood up to stretch, never even seeing the missile of pure force streaking from Katyrn’s outstretched hand towards him.

Moving quickly the party assaulted the bandit hideout, pouring through the front door and up a flight of stairs. Fighting through the bandits as the hideout leaned drunkenly over the river, threatening to come apart and fall into the water, the party put the bandit leader, as well as the pesky halfling sniper they had encountered previously, to the sword.

The party then discovered that the bandits had been kidnapping locals and visitors alike as well as worshipping Asmodeous. Those that survived the kidnapping attempt were sold to slavers and those that did not were sold to a mysterious personage described only as “N” in the bandit’s ledgers. The book that the Ivory Consortium had sent the party to retrieve was also recovered but the messenger was nowhere to be seen (although the saltwater drowning pool in the middle of the hideout may have contained him).

On the trail of “N”
Following a lead, the party tracks down a "necromancer"

After determining that the slaver that was buying the bandits’ victims would not be returning for a new “load” for several weeks, the party decided to track down the mysterious corpse-purchaser, “N”. Following directions found in the bandit lair, the party traveled to an old cemetery outside of the ruins of Galeport.

Upon entry to the graveyard, they were set upon by undead. Taking this as a sign that they had probably found out why “N” was buying corpses, the party dispatched the unquiet dead and delved into a tunnel located inside one of the mausoleums located in the graveyard.
The tunnel led deep underground to a large cave. Scouting ahead, Mace found a laboratory, complete with large glass vessels filled with greenish liquid and a small living area draped off with curtains. Peeking through the curtains, Mace spied what appeared to be a gnomish mage. Unfortunately, the gnome’s pet, a pulsing mass of floating tentacled wrongness, spied him and the battle was joined.

After a fierce battle in which the gnome called upon dark magic and the power of a strange pentagram etched into the middle of the lab/cave floor, the party overcame “N”, his bizarre ally and his horde of undead minions. Upon overcoming him, and rooting through his pockets and personal belongings, the party discovered the gnome was trying to combine the powers of the plane of shadow, the spell-plague and the far realm into one type of magic. He also appeared to be working for some sort of master.

The party then began examine the gnome’s laboratory apparatuses.

Fun with pipes

The threat of the gnomish necromancer and his cohorts vanquished, the party began examining his laboratory. Tapping of the glass of one of the larger tubes filled with greenish fluid caused a violent reaction from its abominable occupant, a stitched together monstrosity. Lashing out, the creature began cracking the glass that contained it. Seeking to stop its escape, the party attempted to disable the container, unfortunately this lead to more monstrosities being released. After a violent and often disgusting battle, the abominations were destroyed. Upon leaving the cave the party returned to the wizards of the Ivory Consortium to discuss what they had discovered.

The party meets a possible patron

After returning to Fishton from the lodge of the Ivory Consortium, the party discovered a mysterious note left for them, asking to meet them on an uninhabited rock of an island just off the coast. Braised in Fishtonian nastiness and violence from birth, Mace decided that the only reason you would ask someone out to an uninhabited island was so you could murder and rob them. Growing up with a completely different kind of nastiness and violence from birth, Fenrir agreed with Mace but decided they should go out to the island because anyone who planned on robbing him probably had some nice gear and, after the party killed them, they could take that gear for themselves.

The latent greed of the party overcoming its paranoia, they decided to head out to the barren rock of an island and see what the mysterious note-writer wanted with them. Approaching the island, the party noted that it appeared to be a nesting site for the sea-gulls that fed off the bounteous supply of leftover fish-parts that not even the Fishton fishing industry would use.

Upon exiting the boat that Mace had “borrowed” for them, the party was surprised to not be ambushed. Instead they were greeted by a telepathic sea-gull with a gem imbedded in its forehead. It informed the party that it was Gully, the legendary mascot of Galeport that had been treated as a hero for guiding ships safely into port.

Apparently Gully is not only telepathic but immortal (or very long-lived) and able to see through the eyes of and control all of the sea-gulls in the area. It informed us that it wished to see Galeport prosper again and that it wished to aid us in making this happen. Being acquainted, first hand, with the exploits of the founding heroes of the Galeport region, Gully informed the party that part of the reason for the prosperity of the region under these scions was their use of powerful artifacts. One example was an artifact that was used to dredge the mouth of the Winding River, which allowed larger ships to sail to Galeport’s docks as opposed to anchoring off-shore and sending smaller boats to pick up supplies like they must currently.

Gully informed the party that he knew of shops owned by the infamous wizard Kadrin and that they might be able to find clues about some of these artifacts in these shops. Armed with the general location of one of these shops in the ruins of old Galeport, the party set off from Gully-island, looking for any clues that would guide them to the artifacts that once turned Galeport into a boom-town.

Kadrins "apprentice"
Constructs are fought and a magical gate is found

Acting on a tip from Gully, the party’s new avian patron, the adventurers headed into the ruins of Galeport on the north side of the river. After a short fight with fire beetles the party discovered the ruins of a shopped that was reputedly owned by an apprentice of the wizard Kadrin.

Upon entering the surprisingly intact building the party was set upon by small magical constructs. After defeating these mechanical foes the party then had fend off a slime monster than had made its way into the back of the shop by dissolving a hole through a wall with its acidic secretions. All foes in the building finally defeated the party discovered the shop had sold mostly gewgaws and fakery. They found several books on how to engage in the kind of flimflamery that had taken place at the shop, as well as a book on the actual creation of magic items before stumbling across a more interesting find in one of the back rooms.

The large stone circle carved in runes that they discovered turned out to be a (relatively) portable portal. Not knowing where the portal would lead, the party decided to secure the shop as best they could and return to investigate where the portal might lead when they were better prepared.

Kruthiks, Why did it have to be Kruthiks

Having followed up on Gully’s tip and still waiting on the arrival of the slavers, the party decided to pay a visit to the fortified monastery of the Blazing Dawn, a militant order dedicated to Amaunator. Arriving at the monastery they were asked to aid in wiping out a brood of insect-like Kruthiks that had taken up residence in the extensive catacombs located beneath the settlement. The party succeeded in wiping out the creatures which had developed a strange resistance to positive energy and discovered some sort of trapped being at the center of the kruthik lair. Once again opting to wait until they had more extensive resources at their disposal, the party left whatever the creature was be, with plans to return for further investigation at a later date.

You picked a bad fishin' hole there

After dispatching the Kruthik menace in the catacombs under the Burning Dawn monastery, the party returned to Fishton and found a group of locals waiting for them. Despite Mace’s worries, it was not a lynch mob there to dispence some “justice by committee” to him for his past deeds in Fishton, they were actually there to ask for the adventurers aid. A father and sone had gone missing while fishing near the “Finger” a peninsular salt marsh infested by lizardman tribes…..


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