Avatar Legacy

Orcs on the side Part II
Ok, not so quick

In which a “valued” member of the party is lost.

Orcs on the Side Part I
This should be quick

The party tracks the orc’s to their lair, a ruined fort.

Salty Sally
A deal is struck
Hit the beach!
House Cleaning
Someplace to lay our heads
You picked a bad fishin' hole there

After dispatching the Kruthik menace in the catacombs under the Burning Dawn monastery, the party returned to Fishton and found a group of locals waiting for them. Despite Mace’s worries, it was not a lynch mob there to dispence some “justice by committee” to him for his past deeds in Fishton, they were actually there to ask for the adventurers aid. A father and sone had gone missing while fishing near the “Finger” a peninsular salt marsh infested by lizardman tribes…..


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